Friday, June 4, 2010

Juan Gonzalez of The N Y Daily News cutting edge expose on CityTime Tax Payer's Titanic!!!!

Juan Gonzalez has been at the forefront and mostly a soloist reporting a major scandal "CityTime" sinking tax payer dollars like the Titanic and again today his latest expose is entitled "Time to Stop Clock".   I  wrote about CityTime, Mike Bloomberg's techno-dream to save the city money by making low tier workers sign in with their hand print costing close to a billion dollars and will easily bust the billion dollar mark very soon with what appears to have one really purpose and that is to make well connected "consultants" lots of money.

The renewal date is coming soon...This September and rather than renew, based on what I have read in both Juan Gonzalez's series of cutting edge investigative reporting and a piece by Ali Winston in City Limits.

I could not find this article on the front page of The New York Daily News website.  I read the article in the hard copy which I happily pay full price for at the stands but I couldn't find it on the website.

It is too bad the news did not have this front page and center because Juan Gonzalez's powerful expose on this on going money pit with a shocking number of consultants...actually hundreds of them paid a fortune deserves attention and every tax payer should know about their money filling 200 plus consultants deep pockets and some with "extremelyclose" ties to City Hall....

Superb reporting. I am posting on as many blogs as possible. It is amazing that CityTime aka's the Tax Payer's Titanic is not getting more attention in the press. Great work. I have also read SAIC the company over seeing CityTime was embroiled in scandals on a federal level as well as in IRAQ. Did Bloomberg bring in SAIC because he thinks the mayor's office is his stepping stone to the White House? Here is my YouTube and in the text portion is a link to a piece I wrote based on Juan Gonzalez's powerful series on this and Ali Winston's article which exposes major scandals with SAIC. There also seems to be major conflicts of interest. Great work Juan Gonzalez.

Here is my blog posting on CityTime--The mayor's techno dreams are the taxpayers Titanic

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mr. NYC's interview with Suzannah B. Troy - in the YouTube posting on his blog I refer to sub-zero trickle down

I am so honored and I have to laugh because here I am at the street sign ceremony for Jane Jacobs and if she was alive she would have given Christine Quinn hell!!!!!!

On the text portion below are links to articles including a killer one by Benjamin Lesser exposing Christine Quinn taking kickbacks aka campaign contributions from developers along with other city council members. You can find the interview with Mr. NYC above and he loves New York passionately like me and you too! Please check out his blog and if you want to see me screaming at Christine Quinn she ain't no Jane Jacobs check out my Youtube below. I am wearing my recession bikini top for 6 bucks.